8 Best Shopping Malls in South America {Most Liked Malls}

Best Shopping Malls in South America: There won’t be a person who doesn’t love shopping. If you don’t, then you are certainly weird. If you are making a list of shopping malls to visit in South America, then this guide has all that you need. We have prepared a hand-picked list of the best shopping malls in South America that you must visit at least once.

8 Best shopping malls in south america

Shopping malls are basically indoor shopping centers. Usually, the shopping malls are comprised of a variety of clothing stores, jewelry stores, gyms, playing arenas, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. You can find almost everything in shopping centers once you step your foot inside. We got a list of the best shopping malls here that you must visit.

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8 Best Shopping Malls in South America

So, we are ready with the 8 best shopping malls in South America that you should visit at least once. If you are going to visit the places with these shopping malls, make sure you visit their places on your trip. Let’s start looking at the best shopping malls in South America.

1. Costanera Center

The Costanera Center is a business and commercial complex located in Santiago, Chile. The complex consists of four skyscrapers, two high-end hotels, one office building, and a 6-floor shopping mall. Costanera Center is the tallest building in South America and is also one of the best shopping malls in South America.

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The shopping mall consists of 6 floors in total and has the Jumbo hypermarket, luxury stores like Armani Exchange, H&M, Zara, Hugo Boss, and many others to shop from. There are more than 100 shops, department stores, and also various types of restaurants in the Costanera Center shopping mall.

2. Centro Mayor

If you are looking for a great place to have fun and also find good things to shop for, then Centro Mayor is the one for you. Centro Mayor shopping mall is located in Bogotá, Colombia. It is the largest shopping mall in Colombia and is also the third-largest mall in Latin America.

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You can find a large number of shops and food stores in the Centro Mayor shopping complex. There are stores from H&M, Easy, La Polar, and even food stores like McDonald’s, Baskin Robbins, Dunkin’ Donuts, Crepes & Waffles, and much more. Shop for your favorite items and treat yourself to delicious food at this mall.

3. Manauara Shopping

Manauara Shopping is one of the best shopping malls in South America and is the largest shopping mall in Manaus city. The Manauara Shopping mall is located in the Manaus city of Brazil and is a tourist attraction too. The mall is built in a vast area with 3 levels or floors. The inside of the mall is modern and attractive.

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The interior design of the Manauara Shopping mall is built in honor of the fauna, flora, and Amazonense culture. You can find a number of shopping stores, restaurants, a playing area, cosmetics, and more. The prices at Manauara Shopping center are lower than usual and offer great discounts on all of their products.

4. Mercado Central de Santiago

Mercado Central de Santiago is one of the oldest shopping malls that has been operating since 1872. Mercado Central de Santiago is the central market of Santiago de Chile and is one of the best shopping malls in South America that you must visit before you die. You can find various types of jewelry, leather products, produce (seafood, fruit, fish), and herbal stores.

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The architecture of this shopping mall or central market is a sight to behold. The building of this shopping mall is the main reason for attracting locals and tourists from around the world. If you are in Santiago or are going to visit this city soon, make sure to add this shopping center to your list and share your experience with us too.

5. Centro Comercial Aricanduva (Aricanduva Mall)

Centro Comercial Aricanduva, also known as Aricanduva Mall is one of the largest malls in the world. It is located in Sau Paulo, Brazil, and is the third-largest shopping mall in Latin America. If you have not visited this mall till now, you should definitely plan a visit soon.

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There are more than 500 stores available in the Aricanduva mall that are divided into three categories. The first one is called Shopping Leste Aricanduva which are the shopping stores. The second is home decoration and construction stores and finally, there are automotive stores available.

6. Unicenter

Unicenter is one of the largest and most popular shopping malls in Argentina. It was opened in 1988 in Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is one of the best shopping malls in South America that should be on your visit list.

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Unicenter shopping mall consists of over 300 stores with many national and international retail chains like Zara, Armani Exchange, Nike, Adidas, Calvin Klein, etc. There is also a food court and a 14-screen cinema available in this mall. Unicenter is the only IMAX center in Argentina.

7. Plaza Lima Norte

Plaza Norte is a popular shopping center or shopping mall located in the north of Metropolitan Lima, Peru. Plaza Norte is one of the largest shopping malls in the country and is also a great tourist attraction. A large number of people visit this mall every day.

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The Peruvian shopping mall, Plaza Norte was opened in 2009. The mall includes many shops and restaurants and also has a gym, chapel, permanent car showroom, a theater, etc. If you are ever in Peru, this place is a must-visit.

8. Salvador Shopping

Salvador Shopping is a large Brazilian shopping mall in Salvador, Bahia that was opened in 2007. The shopping mall is popular in the area and is the third-largest shopping mall in Brazil.

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This is one of the best shopping malls in South America to visit. There are more than 460 stores in this mall, 10 movie theaters, and also a huge gaming area for electronic games. You can have a great time at the Salvador Shopping mall.


We have given the list of the best shopping malls in South America in this post. If you have a suggestion for the best shopping mall for us, please share it with us in the comments. Keep visiting STHours for more informative and related guides.

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